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Luc Bouchon


I am a Luc, a freelance photographer based in Paris, France.

I have been doing freelance photography since 2019, and I have put a great focus on esport photography. Outside of esport I also shoot different kind of sports and concerts. To keep my passion well fed I also like to explore film photography as well as travel and street photography.

I have a master's degree in project management with a specialization in UX design and UX research. This degree gave me the occasion to learn very important skills, in project management and design of course but also in entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication.

Being very curious I like being a jack of all trades and to fed my curiosity and creativity every day.

Even though I love being a freelancer, I am open to work a fulltime position in a company if I find the position fullfilling and in accordance with my various passions : esport, mountains, new technologies and travel.

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